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Around The House debates Police and Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners were elected in November to oversee every force in England.

The responsibilities of PCCs include overseeing budgets and strategy. The Government says they will make forces more accountable to the public.

The role, though, had a controversial start as so few voters turned out for last autumn's election.

Recently, the Home Affairs Select Committee called for better scrutiny of Commissioners.

Helen Ford discussed PCCs with the Conservative MP for Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith and the Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, Bridget Phillipson, who is also a member of the Home Affairs Committee.


MPs debate the legacy of Emily Wilding Davison

It's a hundred years since the death of Emily Wilding Davison, the Northumbrian suffragette who's remembered for her dramatic protest at the Epsom Derby.

Throughout June, events have been held to commemorate her. She died a few days after she was trampled by the king's horse.

As part this month's Around The House, Helen Ford asked her panel of MPs for their thoughts on the legacy of Emily Wilding Davison.

Watch the discussion between Sharon Hodgson (Washington and Sunderland West), Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale) and Andrew Jones (Harrogate and Knaresborough):

Police and Crime Commissioners: the verdict so far

A North East MP says more people must be encouraged to vote for Police and Crime Commissioners if the role is to receive proper scrutiny.

PCCs were elected to each police force in England last November. Their responsibilities include managing budgets as well as hiring and firing Chief Constables.

Overall turnout at the election was less than 15%. The Wearside Labour MP Bridget Phillipson says that is bad for democracy.

The Conservative MP for Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith, supports the change. He says PCCs are more accountable to the public than the previous system.

Watch them both here:

You can see the full interview with Julian Smith MP and Bridget Phillipson MP on Around The House at 11:35pm tonight on ITV.

The legacy of a Northumbrian suffragette

Events have been held this month in Northumberland, London and elsewhere to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Emily Wilding Davison.

The suffragette died after she was trampled by the King's horse at the Derby. She had stepped onto the track in a very public protest for voting equality.

A century on, what is Emily's legacy? Helen Ford asked MPs Sharon Hodgson, Tim Farron and Andrew Jones; her guests on Around The House.

Watch a clip here:

You can catch Around The House at 11:35pm tonight on ITV


Around The House: Tonight at 11.35pm on ITV

Around The House at 11.35pm on ITV Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Helen Ford presents this month's political programme from Westminster.

Joining Helen in the studio to discuss Police and Crime Commissioners are Bridget Phillipson, the Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, and Skipton and Ripon Conservative MP, Julian Smith.

Also on tonight's programme, panel guests Tim Farron MP, Sharon Hodgson MP, and Andrew Jones MP discuss defence cuts, the impact of global tax evasion and - 100 years after her death - the legacy of Northumbrian suffragette Emily Wilding Davison.

Around The House is at 11.35pm tonight (Thursday 20th June) on ITV.

Police and Crime Commissioners: Six months on

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were elected last autumn to every force in England and Wales.

Commissioners are responsible for keeping our streets safe and making police forces more accountable to the public.

Our PCCs are:

Durham: Ron Hogg (Labour)

Cleveland: Barry Coppinger (Labour)

Northumbria: Vera Baird (Labour)

North Yorkshire: Julia Mulligan (Conservative)

The role got off to a shaky start due the low turnout at November's election. Since then, PCCs have drawn up long term plans for their forces.

Helen Ford has been investigating the mark our PCCs are making.

Watch her report here:

Barry Coppinger begins work as Cleveland Police Commissioner

The former Middlesbrough councillor Barry Coppinger is set to begin work as the first Crime and Police Commissioner for Cleveland.

He will be visiting Stockton Police Office today to meet with Temporary Chief Constable Jacqui Cheer and District Commander Alistair, before walking the beat with members of the local Neighbourhood Policing team.

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