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Police called to primary school after pupils found with cannabis

Police were called to a primary school in Northumberland yesterday after two pupils were found with cannabis in the playground.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Staff at Bedlington Station Primary called in the police and officers took possesion of the Class B drug. They then spoke to the Year 4 pupils - both aged around 8.

The police say no further action will be taken. The school's head says parents should be assured that they have robust policies for incidents like this.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Head teacher, Carl Sutherland, said:

On Monday afternoon, a member of our staff became aware of two pupils with a suspicious substance in the playground, which they confiscated.

We immediately called the police who came in and took possession of the substance, and there was a very frank conversation with the pupils and their parents to try and establish what happened. No attempt was made to consume any substances on school grounds.

We would like to reassure parents that we have robust policies in place for incidents such as this, and these were followed to the letter by our staff. The safety and well-being of pupils is our number one priority and we will be running additional information sessions on keeping children safe to make sure everybody gets the message.

I would be happy to explain what happened in person, if parents feel the need for further reassurance.”

– Head teacher, Carl Sutherland

93% of North Yorkshire parents secure first choice primary school

Children at school. Credit: PA

This year over 93 per cent of parents or carers of primary age children secured their first school preference in North Yorkshire.

of North Yorkshire parents/carers secured first school preference

This figure is very close to last year’s figure of 94 per cent and a higher figure than many other places in the country. 97 per cent of families in the county secured one of their top three preferences.

of families in the country secured one of their top 3 preferences.

Did your child get their first choice primary school?

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