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Four homes remain evacuated after Ripon sinkhole

There are no 'significant changes' to the Ripon sinkhole. Four homes remain evacuated after the sinkhole opened up in the back gardens of properties on Magdalens Road on November 9.

The sinkhole has caused considerable damage Credit: ITV

Contractors from one of the household’s insurance companies are on site and are looking at options to stabilise the sinkhole. A garage was dismantled by hand on November 15 to allow access to the sinkhole.

Yorkshire Water is continuing to look at a way to repair the sewer system on Magdalens Road which has been completely destroyed by the sinkhole.

Ripon sinkhole: Experts say 'it remains a risk'

Investigations are continuing after a 50-foot sinkhole opened up in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Residents have now been moved out of 12 properties after the giant hole appeared there on Wednesday 9th.

Experts say Credit: PA

Experts from the British Geological Survey say that the sinkhole remains a risk, and there is the potential for further slippage around the hole.

Harrogate Borough Council said:

Residents are being advised not to drive vehicles on the private road to the rear of the properties affected by the sinkhole until further notice.

Additional fencing has been put up at the rear of the properties affected to stop anyone from entering the risk area.

Residents in properties located close to the sinkhole are advised to be alert for potential issues such as the appearance of cracks or visible movement in floors or walls, unexpected noises, and if in any doubt contact the emergency services.

– Harrogate Borough Council

The council say they will continue to monitor the location over the weekend and will reassess the situation on Monday 14th November.

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