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Work begins to fill 20ft sinkhole in Newcastle

Work is due to begin this morning to repair a 20ft sinkhole, which opened on a residential street in Newcastle.

The gaping hole, in Craster Square in the Coxlodge area of Gosforth, appeared next to a row of garages and spanned the width of the road.

Workers cordon off the area where a large sinkhole has opened up in the Coxlodge area. Credit: PA

The six-metre deep crater in Gosforth will be filled with stones today, November 13.


Concerns sinkhole 'will get bigger'

The owner of land in County Durham where a large sinkhole has appeared says he is very worried it will get bigger.

The crater, which is around 100 feet deep, was discovered in the Cowshill area in Weardale last week. Durham County Council has closed a public footpath nearby for safety reasons.

With rain forecast over the coming days the land owner, John Hensby is concerned that the sinkhole could grow in size:

Safety fears grow as sinkhole expands

The 100-foot long sinkhole is continuing to grow Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

Safety fears are growing after sinkhole, measuring a hundred feet long, opened in County Durham.

The crater appeared last week on John Hensby's land at Cowshill in Weardale.

With rain forecast, there are worries that it will grow.

A public footpath close to the crater has been closed by Durham County Council.

Sinkhole grows on County Durham moor

There are fears that a sinkhole, which has opened a short distance from a home in Weardale, will continue to grow.

John Hensby from Cowshill says his partner first discovered it while out walking last week.

It's thought the void has appeared due to mine workings beneath the surface.

Watch Julie Harrison's report here:


'21-day emergency closure' around sinkhole

Mike Ogden and his team at Access and Rights of Way have placed an emergency closure on the public footpath near a sinkhole that has appeared in County Durham:

We were contacted by the landowner yesterday (Thursday, 21st August) and went out to inspect the sink hole immediately. We have put a 21-day emergency closure in place on the public footpath nearby as a precaution.

We are working with the landowner to ensure there is no risk to any members of the public and will be visiting the site this afternoon (Friday 22 August) to inspect the area again and will continue to monitor the situation.

– Mike Ogden, Team Leader

Sinkhole swallows County Durham farmland

Sinkhole swallows County Durham farmland Credit: John Hensby

A sinkhole has appeared on farmland in County Durham.

On Wednesday landowner John Hensby found a hole of about five metres in diameter on his land near Cowshill- he says that has now increased to around 30 metres.

It appears to be extremely deep

This is an ex-lead mining area and prone to holes appearing - but nothing on this vast scale; its rate of growth is quite alarming.

– John Hensby
Sinkhole swallows County Durham farmland Credit: John Hensby

A temporary closure is now in place for the nearby public footpath over fears the hole could increase in size