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Rio Tinto: "We had to avoid Carbon Tax"

John McCabe, Regional Economic Development Director at Rio Tinto Credit: ITV

We asked Rio Tinto whether workers were given enough notice that the plant was under threat.John McCabe from Rio Tinto, Regional Economic Development Director, said: "We made the entire workforce aware as quickly as we could after the strategic review."

"We also extended the statutory consultation period as well.""We had to avoid the Carbon tax that comes in 2013. The plant was already marginal."


Aluminium smelter to close

The Rio Tinto Alcan plant at Lynemouth, Northumberland Credit: ITV

An aluminium smelter in Northumberland will close this afternoon.

The smelter, at Rio Tinto Alcan in Lynemouth, is closing at 2pm after an extensive consultation period with employee representatives.

More than 500 people are currently employed at the plant. Over 300 will be made redundant in May, and around 60 employees will remain on site beyond the closure of all operations to work on decommissioning the plant.


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