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Tall Ships set sail from Blyth

The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta at Blyth has finished with a spectacular flotilla of ships leaving the coast.

The ships will now race to Gothenburg in Sweden.

Blyth tall ships undock

The tall ships Regatta in Blyth is drawing closer with the Parade of the Sail event.

The ships have undocked and are sailing in a flotilla along the coast from Blyth before the official start of a race to Gothenburg, in Sweden.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The regatta began last Friday, and has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Northumberland coast.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees


A sunny Friday start to the Blyth Tall Ships Regatta

Pam Royle and Ian Payne will be in Blyth for this evening's programme at 6pm.

Find out the best way to travel by car or by bus and whats on across the weekend.

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