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Tesco apologises for horsemeat found in beef burgers

Tim Smith, group technical director of Tesco has apologised to customers after beef burgers sold at the supermarket were found to contain horse meat.

He said that there is no way to know until investigations have been completed how this could have happened. He added "there are only two ways that this could happen, one of them involves illegality by suppliers or the suppliers of those suppliers or gross negligence."


Tesco apology over horse meat found in beef burgers

Tesco has apologised to customers after horse meat was found in some of their frozen beef burgers.

Dalepak at Leeming Bar near Northallerton is one of three food factories at the centre of the investigation by the Irish Food Safety Authority.

Today we were informed that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has found that a number of beef products they have recently tested contained horse DNA. These included two frozen beef burger products sold by Tesco in both the UK and Ireland. Products sold at other retailers were also discovered to contain horse DNA.

"We immediately withdrew from sale all products from the supplier in question. We are working with the authorities in Ireland and the UK, and with the supplier concerned, to urgently understand how this has happened and how to ensure it does not happen again.

– Tim Smith, Group Technical Director Tesco

He added:

The safety and quality of our food is of the highest importance to Tesco. We will not tolerate any compromise in the quality of the food we sell. The presence of illegal meat in our products is extremely serious. Our customers have the right to expect that food they buy is produced to the highest standards.

"The relevant authorities have said that these findings pose no risk to public health. We understand that many of our customers will be concerned by this news, and we apologise sincerely for any distress. Our customer service team is standing by to answer any questions customers may have.

– Tim Smith, Group Technical Director Tesco
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Horsemeat found in beef burgers sold in the UK

The presence of horse DNA has been found in some beef burgers sold in UK and Irish supermarkets, according to a study by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Of the 27 beef burgers tested, 37% tested positive for horse DNA and 85% tested positive for pig DNA. The products were sold in Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland. The FSAI said:

"In one sample from Tesco, the level of horse DNA indicated that horsemeat accounted for approximately 29% relative to the beef content."


Work begins on new supermarket

Artist's impression of Tesco site Credit: Sunderland City Council

Work has started on a new multi-million pound supermarket in Sunderland – almost a decade after the plans were first submitted.

The Tesco Extra store, at Roker’s Sunderland Retail Park, is set to create almost 800 jobs when it opens in spring next year.

The retail giant first submitted plans for a superstore in the city in October 2002, but the proposals for the former Vaux site fell through.

Construction on the new development, along with four smaller retail units, began yesterday.

The site is nearly nine thousand square feet, and will include 900 car parking spaces. The company is also working with the City Council to look at improving access and landscaping.

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