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Statement from Fiona Traill, mother of Josh Hopkins

“There could be no sentence imposed that could ever bring both of the Josh’s back; many lives have been permanently changed by something that could have been so easily avoided.

"One selfish act of dangerous driving took the lives of two ambitious, respected, innocent and much loved young lads who were just finding their way to becoming adults...

“At only 17-years-old they are still classed as juveniles, but when driving a car they must realise that they have all the responsibilities of an adult and should act accordingly.”

Tributes to former Councillor Maurice Frankland

Labour Party members, councillors and MPs have paid tribute to former Stockton Borough Councillor Maurice Frankland who died last week.

Maurice worked as a councillor until just before his 80th birthday. He was one of the oldest people ever to be elected.

“I will miss the man who epitomised the role of a gentleman."

– Alex Cunningham MP

Councillor Bob Cook, Leader of the Council, said: “Maurice was in many ways an example to us all – he knew not just the community in Norton that he represented, but people across the Borough.”

Alex Cunningham MP said: “I will miss the man who epitomised the role of a gentleman who had a deep interest in how he, and the rest of us, could make life better for the most needy and vulnerable in our society."