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Wembley spells Middlesbrough incorrectly on Play-Off Final tickets

Wembley Stadium has issued an apology after spelling Middlesbrough incorrectly on Play-Off Final tickets. The mistake has been put down to human error.

Credit: Boromad

An error has been made on the Championship Play-Off Final 2015 tickets, with Middlesbrough spelt incorrectly.

Wembley Stadium would like to apologise to Middlesbrough Football Club and its fans for this mistake, it was a human error. These tickets will still be valid for Monday’s game.

We hope that it does not detract from what will be an excellent game and we encourage fans looking for further information on the fixture to visit.

– Wembley Stadium

West Auckland play at Wembley

West Auckland at Wembley Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

West Auckland Town are playing at Wembley today (May 10) the final of the FA Vase.

They were beaten by Dunston in the final of 2012.

But now they have a second chance.

West Auckland had revenge on Dunston in the quarter-finals. They beat St Andrews from Leicestershire in the semis. And now they are playing Sholing FA from Southampton in the 2014 final.


Black Cats stars record cup final alarm calls

Sunderland's John O'Shea and Jack Colback Credit: Capital One

With more than 30,000 Sunderland supporters getting up early to make the long trip to Wembley for the Capital One Cup final on Sunday, the Black Cats are making sure that fans don't miss their alarm call.

Sunderland stars John O'Shea and Jack Colback have recorded special messages that fans can download from the Capital One Facebook page to set as their alarm on the morning of March 2.

Wembley pubs designated for Sunderland fans

Black Cats fans travelling to Wembley for the Capital One Cup final on March 2 are being advised that there is a Controlled Drinking Zone in place around Wembley Stadium.

A number of pubs in the Wembley area have been designated for Sunderland fans to use.

They are:

  • The Torch
  • Crock of Gold
  • Moore Spice
  • Watkins Folly
  • Blue Check Cafe
  • Alisan Bar
  • Crystal Club (Silverspoon)
  • The Parish
  • First Class Sports Bar
  • The Wembley Tavern
  • Powerleague
  • Cheers Bar

Fans are also being warned than any person deemed to be drunk will not be permitted to enter the grounds at Wembley.

SAFC warns of Wembley pyrotechnics ban

Sunderland fans are being warned that staff at Wembley Stadium will be cracking down on the use of pyrotechnics at the Capital One Cup final on March 2.

Pyrotechnics and smoke bombs are 'strictly prohibited' in and around Wembley and police say they will arrest anyone found with them.

“We want everyone to enjoy the Capital One Cup final and I would urge fans to heed the advice from Wembley. There is no place for pyrotechnics in football and Wembley will take the strongest action possible to ensure the safety of all supporters.”

– SAFC head of safety and security, Paul Weir

Pyrotechnic detecting dogs will be on duty and all supporters, including minors (under 12), will be searched.

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