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North Yorkshire potholer gave Chilean miners advice

Geoff Workman, 84, was called back into action nearly fifty years after spending 105 days underground.

The potholer, who spent the time underground just to prove that it could be done in 1963, received a call to his North Yorkshire cottage when 33 miners became trapped underground in 2010.

Engineers at the mine in Chile wanted his advice on how to help the miners survive their incarceration.


Potholer relives recording-breaking triumph

It is 50 years since Geoff Workman entered the record books. he has celebrated by returning to the cavern where he set his world record. Geoff, now 84, spent 105 days living 100ft underground, in the dark and alone.

Geoff Workman tells the story of his record breaking triumph Credit: ITV

At the time it was thought to be beyond human endurance to live underground for so long. Geoff had aimed to stay in the cavern for 100 days but without a clock or daylight his body clock slowed down and when he emerged from the cave he had actually been underground for 105 days.

Geoff speaks to ITV reporter Julia Barthram Credit: ITV

Geoff went back to the cave with ITV reporter Julia Barthram to relive his triumph.

Geoff Workman goes back down the pothole Credit: ITV
Geoff navigates through the cave Credit: ITV
Geoff Workman Credit: ITV