Winter appeal against Meningitis

Meningitis charities are issuing warnings during the winter months for people to look out for the symptoms of the disease.

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Winter warning from UK's meningitis charities

Meningitis charities across the UK are warning people, and particularly parents, to look out for the symptoms of the disease over the winter months.

Three charities are advising people about what they should be looking out for and the steps to take if they do think they have symptoms of the disease.

Cases of meningitis are known to rise over the winter months, as does the blood poisoning form of the disease - septicaemia.

Meningitis can kill within 24 hours and so early recognition of the symptoms is extremely important.

At this time of year, the symptoms of meningitis are often mistaken for flu, so people are being encouraged to seek medical attention if they think that they may have symptoms of the disease.

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