Newcastle Council cuts

Newcastle Council announces it will cut 1,300 jobs, close 10 libraries and shut the city pool as part of £90m worth of cuts.

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Newcastle budget: Arts and culture no longer affordable

More announcements have been made about how the cuts put forward by Newcastle City Council will be made.

Arts and culture will be hugely affected as the Laing and Discovery museums will lose a third of their budget and smaller art galleries like the Side gallery may face complete closure.

It has also been announced that up to ten libraries will close, although the council is keen to stress that there will still be a library within a mile and a half for most people.

Up to six pools, including Newcastle's City Pool, may close down over the months to come.

Newcastle City Council's new budget comes as thirty million pounds of cuts have been handed down from central government - which the government says are needed to fix our economy.

The budget from Newcastle City Council is seen to be a precedent for other councils in the region.

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