Lottery funding for Tyneside domestic abuse scheme

North East families will benefit from £120,000 of funding allocated to a project working with perpetrators of domestic abuse.

The Big Lottery Fund's Reaching Communities programme has given funding to Barnardo's North East to support the South Tyneside Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Programme.

It is the only North East project to win funding this month.

The £120,000 will support the co-ordination and delivery of the programme through a co-ordinator and administrator who will work closely with partners in South Tyneside including the police, probation, local authority and health services.

The project will work with more than 80 men aged 18 years and over who are perpetrators of domestic abuse, who have been carefully assessed and have acknowledged their behaviour and expressed their willingness to change.

"Christmas time is one of enjoyment for most families, but for those who are victims of domestic violence, this can be when they are particularly vulnerable.

Therefore we are incredibly pleased that the Lottery has decided now to award funding to our project for the next three years.

The programme, which works with male perpetrators of domestic violence, is an important part of the overall protection and support for women victims and their children in South Tyneside."

– Mary Connor, assistant director for children's services, Barnardo's North East

"The festive season should be a time when families come together to celebrate, but it can also be a particularly fearful time for those families living with the threat of domestic abuse.

Today's Lottery funding for Barnardo's North East will enable the project to work with men to change their behaviour to prevent this abuse from happening."

– James Turner, Big Lottery Fund's head of the North East region