Research finds country's libraries are being neglected

Are our public libraries being forgotten? Despite well documented protests over library closures, new research reveals that we are still not visiting our libraries.

New research showing that 60% of us never use our local library these days. The study by Bookmark Your Library found that:

  • Almost half of those surveyed state that libraries aren't needed as much as they were a decade ago due to technological advances
  • Almost three quarters of us have been to our local library at some point in our lives, but on average the last time we visited our local library was 17 months ago.

In years gone by, the local library was much loved by all generations from children and students to parents and grandparents, but now it seems the biggest driving force is being a parent:

  • 14% saying they last visited their library to encourage their child into reading
  • 8% went to help a child with a school project

And despite libraries across the country having to change with the times and offer new services, these changes appear to be unknown to a large proportion of us - including reading groups, genealogy services and music rental.

When asked how people would feel if their local library shut down...

  • One in five admitted they would be very disappointed
  • One in ten said it would be a loss to the local community