Durham Miners' Association travel to London for "anti-Thatcher protest"

Members of the Durham Miners' Association have travelled to London to take part in this evening's protest over the late Baroness Thatcher's political legacy. The group will join other activists at the event in Trafalgar Square which is due to begin at 6 o clock.

Durham Miners march at the Durham Gala in 2012. They will protest in London tonight. Credit: ITV News

The ex miners left Durham in a mini bus at seven o clock this morning. Police in the capital are on standby for the event. It follows a week of impassioned debate over Baroness Thatcher's time as Prime Minister. At times the row has turned sour.

On Tuesday, the Durham Miners' Association announced it will hold a party in Easington next Wednesday; the day the late Prime Minister is laid to rest. It lead to criticisms that the Association's plans are 'small minded' and in very bad taste.

However its Chairman responded by arguing that the group may respond how it wishes following the "decimation" of North East pit villages under Mrs Thatcher's time as leader.