Investigations underway after small fire in Hartlepool Power Station

EDF Energy are investigating how a small fire happened inside their nuclear power station in Hartlepool. It happened at around 1.30am on Saturday 15 March and was quickly put out by a staff member.

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EDF Energy: We had to turn off nuclear reactor because of power station fire

A spokesman from EDF Energy has confirmed that they had to shutdown a nuclear reactor because of a small fire inside Hartlepool Power Station.

Investigations are continuing after the fire, which happened at around 1.30am on Saturday 15 March.

A small fire on Turbine Generator no. 2 was discovered in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was promptly extinguished by a member of staff using a hand held dry powder extinguisher. As is normal practice, in such events the fire services attended the site but were not deployed. Reactor 2 was safely shutdown to enable the event to be properly investigated and dealt with. Hartlepool Reactor 1 continues to operate without any issues. No radioactive material was involved in the incident and no hazard posed to the public."

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