Ex-con turned window cleaner saves elderly woman's life

Jeff Rochford

A reformed burglar has been hailed a hero after saving the life of an elderly woman while on his window cleaning round.

Jeff Rochford, 36, who has 80 convictions on a criminal record that began at the age of eight, spotted 78-year-old June Hoyle through the window as he set to work at her home.

Jeff noticed that she looked unwell and that her face had dropped slightly on one side and realised she was showing symptoms of a stroke so dialled 999 on his mobile phone.

His quick-thinking saved Mrs Hoyle's life as it was later confirmed in hospital that his suspicions were correct and she had been having a stroke.

Jeff, who saved Mrs Hoyle at her Stockton-on-Tees home on Monday morning, said: "I'm really glad that she's doing well in hospital and getting the care she needs.

"She wasn't her usual lively self and then I saw her face had dropped a bit I was concerned so I called for an ambulance. I waited until they arrived and then her son came round that night to tell me she had had a stroke and thank me."

He is determined to put his criminal past behind him and wants to help others.

Mr Rochford said: "I don't make any secret about my past, I was a prolific offender and I have been in prison. But that's my past now and I will never go back to it.

"It was an awful life to lead my life was totally chaotic and at times it seemed as though there was no way out of it for me.

"Now I am determined to help other people change too and I want to become a mentor for offenders to help them out of that life."