Local coastal landmark is ship-shape again

The Herd Groyne lighthouse is ship-shape once again

The Herd Groyne lighthouse in South Shields has been repainted and is looking ship-shape thanks to a recent facelift.

For almost 150 years the Herd Groyne lighthouse has been an icon of the River Tyne and remains a popular attraction for many shipping enthusiasts.

Owned and maintained by the Port of Tyne, over 170 litres of paint was needed over a three week period to makeover the 13 metre high lighthouse.

The Grade 2 listed structure is painted red for navigational reasons and requires specialist paint able to stand up to the environment, weather and sea spray.

The Groyne Pier was built by the Port of Tyne’s predecessors the Tyne Improvement Commission between 1861 and 1867 to help the flow of the river and protect the Littlehaven beach from being swept away by the incoming tide.

The unusual hexagonal shape has seen the Groyne featured in numerous films and is a favourite spot for photographers.

The new paint job should see the lighthouse looking shipshape for another ten years.

“The Herd Groyne remains an important element of navigational safety.

Held up on 12 iron legs its beacon is visible for 19 miles and acts as an aid to ships entering the Port of Tyne”.

– Mike Nicholson, Harbour Master for the Port of Tyne
The lighthouse is popular with photographers
The Herd Groyne lighthouse