Homecoming parade for Military Medics in York

Military Medics from the world-famous military field hospital in Afghanistan will parade through York today, 22nd November 2014 for a homecoming and medals parade.

Over 200 medics from 65 units in all three Armed Forces will attend a Thanksgiving Service in York Minster.

A military parade through York earlier this year. Credit: PA

Following the service, the military medics will parade on Duncombe Place where 80 Operational Service medals will be presented by Director General of the Army Medical Services, Major General Jeremy Rowan OBE QHS and the Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Ian Gillies.

Led by the Band of the Royal Armoured Corps, the parade will march down Parliament Street and return via Coney Street where the salute will be taken by Major General Rowan accompanied by the Lord Mayor of York on the steps of the Mansion House.