New look for Gateshead Quayside unveiled

Artist's impression of the new-look HMC Calliope Credit: Dixon Dawson Chartered Architects

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that work to revamp one of its bases, at a prime Tyneside location, will start in 2015.

HMS Calliope is going to be remodelled at a cost of £2.9m.

Situated on a prime site between the Sage and Baltic, HMS Calliope will be home to the Royal Naval Reserve Training Unit and the Royal Marines Reserve Unit.

“Renovation and construction work on HMS Calliope is planned to begin after Christmas and is expected to take about a year to complete. The estimated cost of the project is just under £2.9 million. The work at the HMS Calliope building will provide numerous improvements to the structure of the building and facilities for personnel and therefore is expected to have a positive impact on training and reserve force recruitment. Tyneside has long been home to both a Royal Naval Reserve Unit, known as HMS Calliope, and a Royal Marines Reserve unit, known as RMR Tyne. This project will locate both units in the same building leading to greater efficiency and therefore savings.”

– Ministry of Defence spokesman