Xmas burglar caught in police sting

28 year old Gary Liddle was caught after stealing a bike and a phone fitted with tracking devices.

Xmas burglar walks into police trap

A Newcastle burglar has been jailed after being caught on camera in a Christmas police sting. Gary Liddle, 28, of Clara Street in Benwell, broke into the 'home' in Jesmond - set up by Northumbria Police to catch burglars in the city. The house had been rigged with hidden cameras. A bike and smart phone were stolen from the property. They were fitted with trackers and recovered by police.

Liddle was arrested after the break-in on December 19, and appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates' Court on Monday, December 22. He was jailed for 18 weeks after pleading guilty to burglary and a separate theft from a motor vehicle offence.

Liddle had no idea this house wasn't lived in and was being monitored by police. There could have been a young family in the house, or an elderly resident, who would have been terrified by the thought someone had been in their home... He had a complete disregard for whoever was in that house and their property. Not to mention he was breaking into a home so close to Christmas - potentially ruining someone's festive season.

– Chf Insp David Felton, Northumbria Police

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