Breathalyser plan to help keep Durham students safe

The chair of the Durham City Safety Group says breathalysers will be introduced at the doors of some of the City's pubs and nightclubs to help keep students safe when they're out drinking at night.

Terry Collins, who's also Director of Neighbourhood Services on Durham County Council, says a lot of work is being done to improve safety. But he says students must also take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their friends on nights out.

Three students have lost their lives in the River Wear in just over a year. The council has chaired a meeting with the police, the students' union and representatives from the Cathedral and University.

Other measures include:

* properly trained volunteers to carry out night patrols

* training for bar workers to spot people who might be vulnerable

* radios for bars and clubs to call the volunteers to take people to a safe place

Terry Collins, Chair of Durham City Safety Group