Hartlepool's Kieran Bew to star in ITV's Beowulf

Hartlepool's Kieran Bew has been cast to play the lead role of Beowulf in ITV’s epic re-imagining of Beowulf - a series shot in a County Durham quarry.

ITV Studios used the quarry to recreate the mythical Shieldlands, a place of spectacle and danger populated by both humans and fantastical creatures.

This is the first look at the set:

Exterior set

Kieran will star alongside multi award winning actor William Hurt who will play Hrothgar and Joanne Whalley who takes on the role of Rheda.

“Hundreds of years ago our ancestors listened to the story of Beowulf because it was a great adventure story - it scared them, thrilled them, made them laugh and cry. But they also listened because they recognised themselves and their fears in it. By holding a mirror up to them this story helped define them and thus - us. So it’s incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to make it relevant again for a wide audience - to let them own it again. To let them see themselves in it.”

– James Dormer - Writer and Executive Producer

Stephen Smallwood will produce on location in County Durham and Northumberland.

“Beowulf is a series with a charismatic protagonist at its heart,”

“Equally it’s a spirited and fascinating ensemble drama with each character taking their own emotional and sometimes perilous journey. We’re delighted to be commissioning Beowulf and to be working with Tim Haines and his production team.”

– Director of Drama Steve November

Filming will begin in the North East later this month for transmission on ITV.