Campaign 2015: Constituency Profiles

With the election campaign now underway, we have been looking at the 36 seats in the Tyne Tees region. 26 of these are currently held by Labour, eight by the Conservatives and two by the Liberal Democrats. 29 of the seats are in the North East and the remaining seven are in North Yorkshire.

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Nigel Farage talks to ITV news Tyne Tees

Nigel Farage has told ITV news Tyne Tees that he thinks that he is going to prove a contender in the 'safe' Labour seat of Hartlepool.

He told Helen Ford during his visit to the town today (April 28) that there is a trend in the North of England of the Labour vote being squeezed by UKIP.

Mr Farage said he would pay for tax cuts by reducing the foreign aid budget and not sending as much English money into Scotland.

And he insisted that it would benefit the country to pull out of the EU.

It is the latest in a series of interviews with senior party spokespeople.

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