Video: hilarious reaction of Corrie actors to sign language interpreter

A clip from a Saturday morning signed version of Coronation Street has gone viral. The funny video shows actors apparently reacting with terror to the appearance of a signer in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

ITV Signpost, which is based in Gateshead, provides signers for programmes across the ITV network.

Alex Duguid was the signer who appeared to scare off Liz and Michelle and has worked at Signpost as an on-screen signer for 17 years. He was on holiday when a colleague contacted him to tell him he'd gone viral. He watched the clip and said he "didn't think much of it."

When he came back to work the various versions of the clip had racked up around 2,000,000 views.

I was lost for words really. I only hope that this publicity will raise people's awareness of sign language and the problems deaf people face.

– Alex Duguid, ITV Signpost

Alex said soaps can be some of the hardest programmes to sign because of the large numbers of characters and personalities he has to switch between.