SSI to close after no potential buyers come forward

The coke ovens and blast furnace at SSI in Redcar are to be closed after no viable offers were received from potential buyers.

SSI halted production on September 18th because of a global drop in the price of steel, and said it had "no other option".

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Schoolboy organises Christmas party for steelworkers' children

Ben Hebden. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

A schoolboy has taken it upon himself to arrange a special Christmas Party for the children of the now redundant SSI steelworkers from Redcar.

9-year-old Ben Hebden goes to Westgarth Primary School in Marske.

He's had more than 500 likes on the facebook page he's set up and is fundraising to host the party for the steelworkers and their families.

Nine year old Ben Hebden heard about the job losses at the SSI steel plant and felt he had to do something about it.

It made me feel a bit devastated for them because usually they might have been thinking we're going to get you this, we're going to get you that - that'll be nice for everyone and hopefully I'l get this.

But now they've lost all their money they probably wont be able to afford all they wanted.

– Ben Hebden

With the help of other pupils he's set up a Kids Committee to arrange the event - raising more than £500 already the food, entertainment and venue already booked.

They have enlisted the help of a local party planner called Silly Steve who will DJ and organise other activities.

His teachers are very proud of Ben's achievements.

I think it's absolutely fantastic really on what's a sad circumstance and that a boy in year five has taken it upon himself to see the sadness in that and try to do something good for it.

It's a wonderful thing - we're very proud of him.

– Matthew Carlton, Westgate Primary School

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