Giant land art created to impress Tour de Yorkshire TV audiences

The giant land art, entitled 'The Finest View' Credit: North York Moors National Park Authority

The North York Moors National Park Authority has commissioned a special piece of 'giant land art' in preparation for the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.

The 70-metre height, 40-metre wide white painting will come into view as the helicopters broadcasting live coverage of the race track the cyclists’ ascent of the Côte de Sutton Bank.

The artwork, entitled 'The Finest View', incorporates the three animals that appear on the Hambleton District coat of arms.

An expected audience of six million worldwide will see a horse atop a penny farthing with a ram perched on its shoulders and a boar sitting aloft holding a telescope.

The artwork took the Landmark Collective, comprising artists Becky Newbould, Rob Conway, James Brunt, Timm Cleasby and Cath Smart 14 days to complete using 1000 litres of white biodegradable pitch-marking paint that will fade over the coming months.

Richard Gunton, director of park services for the North York Moors National Park Authority, said:

With the cameras panning across the countryside, the land art will give the millions of people watching the Tour de Yorkshire on TV a ‘boar’s-eye’ view of the spectacular scenery that makes our National Park a real must-see, as one of Yorkshire’s best-loved authors rightly identified!

– Richard Gunton