Rare rodent re-introduced to Yorkshire Dales

A rare rodent is making a comeback in the Yorkshire Dales.

Twenty breeding pairs or trios of hazel dormice are being released by the People's Trust for Endangered Species later.

Dormouse officer, Ian White, from the People's Trust for Endangered Species, holds a rare hazel dormouse. Credit: PA

They will be released into an undisclosed woodland location in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The release follows a successful re-introduction in 2008, which was the first time the animals were seen in the park for over 100 years.

Despite their once widespread existence throughout much of England and Wales, the range and population of the dormouse has diminished significantly over the last century, and the species is now rare and vulnerable to extinction.

Dormice are rare and vulnerable to extinction. Credit: PA
  • This is the 26th dormouse reintroduction led by PTES; over the last 23 years, more than 800 dormice have been released at 21 different sites across 12 English counties.