Chilcot Inquiry report has been released

Sir John Chilcot released his long-awaited and much delayed report into the Iraq War.

Thirteen soldiers from the North East died in the conflict. Their families have played a role in pushing for the inquiry and its conclusions to be released in the report.

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The Chilcot report in numbers

The Sir John Chilcot report into the Iraq war will finally be ready for publication on Wednesday, more than five years later than planned. Here are some of the key numbers relating to the inquiry:

Years since the Chilcot Inquiry was launched.
Days between when the inquiry was announced by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown and its publication.
Foreign secretaries to have been in the post since the inquiry was (D.Milliband, Hague, Hammond)
Words estimated to be included in the report.
The cost of the inquiry, according to recent estimates.
UK fatalities during the Iraq war
times Tony Blair, the Prime Minister at the time of the invasion, was called to give live evidence
volumes of the report
the cost of ordering a copy of the report
Government documents believed to have been scrutinised for the report.

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