Dog found buried alive with nail through head

A dog has been found buried alive with a nail through its head in an act of 'inexplicable cruelty'

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Redcar MP says dog attack is 'abhorrent act of cruelty'

Redcar MP Anna Turley

Redcar MP Anna Turley has responded to the news that a dog has been found buried alive in Redcar, calling it an 'abhorrent act of cruelty'.

A couple stumbled across the dog in Kirkleatham Woods while they were out walking on Wednesday 19th.

This abhorrent act of cruelty is sickening. That someone would even consider, let alone inflict, such brutality on a defenceless animal is beyond belief.

I hope the perpetrators of this crime are caught and receive the punishment they deserve.

We saw with the case of Baby the bulldog and the horrific treatment of her by the Frankish brothers that the sentencing for animal cruelty cases does not reflect the severity of the crime.

– Redcar MP Anna Turley

Andrew and Daniel Frankish from Redcar horrifically abused their pet bulldog, Baby, repeatedly throwing her down the stairs, stamping on her head, swinging her around and head-butting her.

They filmed the attack and were seen and heard to be laughing. Baby’s injuries were so severe that she was put down three months after the vicious attack due to loss of the use of her hind legs.

The brothers avoided jail and were sentenced in March 2016 to 21 weeks in prison, suspended for two years and a tagged curfew for six months.

It is not a deterrent to individuals committing awful crimes like this against animals.

This is why I have secured a Private Members Bill in Parliament to toughen up animal cruelty sentencing. We need action to put an end to cases like this.

– Redcar MP Anna Turley

The Animal Cruelty (Sentencing) Bill was presented to Parliament by Anna on Monday 4th July 2016 and is due to have its second reading debate on Friday 24th February 2017.

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