Scuba diver gets up close and personal with Farne Islands seal

The winning photograph, taken off the coast of the Farne Islands Credit: Craig Ward

A scuba diver from has won national recognition for his photography after coming up close and personal with a grey seal.

The image of the seal, taken off the coast of Northumberland, was highly commended in the British Sub-Aqua Club’s (BSAC) nationwide Great British Diving photo competition.

The photo was taken by Craig Ward while on a diving trip in the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland:

We had surfaced and we were waiting for the boat which you can see in the photo to come and pick us up.

About eight seals started circling us and I started taking some photos. One swam right up a lobster line and started chewing on the camera lens. It was a fantastic moment.

– Craig Ward