Horse racing to resume in the North East and North Yorkshire

Credit: PA (stock shot)

The British Horseracing Authority has announced what they are calling a risk-managed return to racing.

Racing has been cancelled across the UK for 6 days due to an outbreak of equine flu.

It means racing WILL take place from Wednesday this week, but only with strict biosecurity controls in place.

It had meant racing at Newcastle last Friday and on Monday at Catterick were cancelled, but all meetings as of Wednesday will now go ahead.

“From the testing and analysis conducted the disease appears to be contained at present. The BHA veterinary committee believe that the swift controls on movement that were put in place have clearly helped to restrict the spread of this virus.

“Clearly, there is some risk associated with returning to racing. This risk has been assessed and, based on the evidence – and ensuring biosecurity measures are in place – the level of risk is viewed as acceptable.”

– Brant Dunshea, BHA