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Tackling troubled families

Councils in England will be paid up to £4,000 for successfully helping problem families keep their children in school and out of trouble or getting a long-term unemployed adult into work.

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PM says he is 'committed to transforming the lives of families stuck in a cycle'

The Prime Minister's proposals to help troubled families aims to 'bring about real change' Credit: Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

The Prime Minister has said that plans to give local councils money to help troubled families can "bring about real change", as the top ten local authorities have agreed to sign up to the Government's ambitious scheme. Mr Cameron said:

"I'm committed to transforming the lives of families stuck in a cycle of unemployment, alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour, where children are truants from school - troubled families who cause such negativity within their communities and who drain resources from our councils.

"I'm heartened that so many local authorities are alert to this challenge and are ready to take forwards our plans to bring about real change".

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