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Queues as drivers rush to fill up

Petrol stations across Britain are reporting fuel shortages and long queues as the Government dismissed accusations that it had triggered panic buying ahead of the impending strike by fuel tanker drivers.

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  1. Richard Gaisford

Some petrol stations run out of fuel

In Bicester we're seeing all the effects you'd expect to get from industrial action without any sign of the strike yet. The manager at one of Bicester's petrol stations thinks he is going to be down to one pump within the next few hours.

His petrol station is the only one in Bicester that actually has all fuels available this morning and he says he is on a priority list for another delivery but won't be getting any fuel again until Monday. So you can see what the problem is.

When you turn up at other petrol stations the cones are out, the signs are up and the locks are on the pumps and it really is a problem that has spread right the way across the country. The government is going to be sitting down with hauliers to decide what to do if the strike actually happens.

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