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Calls for Syria Olympic chief ban

The head of Syria's Olympic Committee has insisted to ITV News that he will be in London for the Games, despite calls for him to be banned. The goalkeeper for the national team has told ITV News "the majority of the athletes don’t want to take part."

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'Syrian goalkeeper injured in Homs shelling'

Footage purportedly showing Syrian goalkeeper and activist Abdel Basset Saroot injured by mortar sharpnel in Homs has been posted on YouTube.

In the video a man can be heard saying: "Homs, Al Khaldyia neighbourhood. The injury of Abdel Basset Saroot, these houses have been shelled, quick let's move from this location, quick, quick, we need to leave before another shell falls." Abdel Basset Saroot responds, saying: "I'm fine, I'm fine."

ITV News has no way of independently verifying the content of this clip.

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