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Peer suspended over 'bounty'

Labour peer Lord Ahmed has denied claims he offered a £10 million "bounty" for the capture of US president Barack Obama and said he was "surprised" that he had been suspended by the party.

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Lord Ahmed denies offering a 'bounty'

Lord Ahmed has firmly denied offering a bounty. He said he told the meeting that Mr Bush and Tony Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes.

They have suspended me? That's a surprise to me. I did not know. I did not offer a bounty. I said that there have been war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and those people who have got strong allegations against them - George W Bush and Tony Blair have been involved in illegal wars and should be brought to justice. I do not think there's anything wrong with that... If the Labour Party want to suspend me I will deal with the Labour Party. They will have to give me some evidence.


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