1. Martin Geissler

Breivik reveals more details of 'Knights Templar' creation summit

Some of the details seem, on the face of it, Slightly childish. Attendees at the summit all adopted pseudonyms. The host, an Englishman, called himself "Richard the Lionheart".

Breivik asked to be known as "Sigurd the Crusader", the name of a twelfth century Norwegian king, who he seems to hold as a hero.

Breivik accepts that he described "Richard" as being "the perfect knight".

When questioned on this he suggested that it meant:

"a foot soldier who is strong enough to shoulder responsibility alone, to operate as a "single cell", to manage everything from logistics to the communication of a message."

– Anders Behring Breivik

Prosecutors are trying hard to draw any significant information from Breivik but it's proving difficult .