Sir Tom: I'd like to play bad boy

Sir Tom Jones has revealed he wants to play a "bad guy" after making his acting debut playing an ageing teddy boy.

The singer, who is currently appearing as a coach in BBC1 talent show The Voice, said his role in Sky Arts show King of the Teds was not "far removed" from how his life could have been.

Singer Sir Tom Jones says acting is more difficult than his role on The Voice. Credit: REUTERS/Eliseo Fernandez

He plays Ron, a redundant bottle factory worker who was once a top teddy boy in his youth, in the drama alongside Alison Steadman and Brenda Blethyn.

Sir Tom said: "I was a teddy boy and I was singing so if I hadn't had a hit record that could have been me."

The singer said acting was more difficult than his role on The Voice which was "still music" but that he would like to do more.

He said: "I wouldn't mind playing a bad guy, again it wouldn't be that far removed."

Sir Tom, who turns 72 in June, previously took a brief cameo role in Tim Burton's comedy Mars Attacks, playing himself.