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Tory 'anger' over Lords reform

Conservative MPs are reported to have lined up to condemn House of Lords reform proposals - set to form the centrepiece of next month's Queen's Speech - at a meeting of the 1922 committee.

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Miliband 'surprised' at Tory Lords rebellion

Labour leader Ed Miliband said he was firmly behind proposals for a fully elected House of Lords.

He said: "A referendum on the issue is a good idea, and we have said this previously in our manifesto.

"But I don't quite understand why the Government is setting its face against giving the people a say.

Ed Miliband Credit: Reuters

"We have made our position in wanting a referendum for a 100% elected House of Lords very clear.

"Am I surprised at the way some Tories have threatened a rebellion against the issue? Look, that's a matter for them and I will leave the Tories' problems to themselves.

"There are lots of more important issues facing our country right now such as health, education and jobs."

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