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Warning over elderly care funds

Failure to reform care for the elderly could force the closure of parks, libraries and public toilets as resources are diverted to "plug the gap" in care funding, the leaders of every major council in England and Wales have warned.

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LGA wants to cap public spending on elderly care

Sir Merrick, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council in London, asks the Government to commit to capping the amount people will have to pay for their elderly care and working to ensure it is successfully implemented.

Last year an official commission chaired by the economist Andrew Dilnot recommended that the state should pick up the cost of care beyond £35,000, at an estimated cost to the public purse of less than £2 billion. The LGA letter says the proposal is an expensive but worthy investment.

We recognise that Dilnot comes with a price tag which, in the current economic climate, is challenging. But across the political spectrum at the LGA we believe it is a cost worth paying.

That is why we are working on an offer to the Government that will set out what local government can do to make Dilnot affordable, workable and well understood by those who would determine its success at a local level.

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