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Olympic flame lit

The countdown the Olympic Games in London has begun with the lighting of the Olympic flame at the Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece, where the ancient Games took place.

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Olympic flame lighting ceremony underway

The Olympic flame lighting ceremony has started in the ancient city of Olympia in Greece. The ceremony started with the raising of three flags: the Olympic flag, the Union Jack, and the Greek flag.

Three flags were raised during the ceremony. Credit: Three flags were raised during the ceremony: The Olympic flag, the Union Jack, then the Greek flag

Officials from the London Organising Committee are taking part in the hour-long ceremony that will culminate in the Olympic flame being lit by a "high priestess" who captures the morning sun's rays in a parabolic mirror.

Officials from the London organising committee applaud after the flags are raised. Credit: ITV News

The flame will then travel 1,800 miles around Greece before flying to Britain on May 18.

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