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Alastair Campbell at Leveson

Tony Blair's former No 10 communications chief Alastair Campbell has finished giving evidence at the Leveson Inquiry. The former head of the Civil Service, Gus O'Donnell also appeared .

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Campbell reveals reason for courting The Sun

Alastair Campbell has revealed why the Labour party decided to court The Sun rather than other newspapers, when he was appointed as Tony Blair's director of communications.

Well it probably fell into the category of the only one that might... shift position.

I couldn't have ever imagined the Daily Mail. So our approach... was just to kind of stop them being quite so vile.

Our approach with papers like the Express would have been to engage with them, but I would never have expected the Express to come out for the Labour party.

And the broadsheets were in a slightly different space...So the Sun, in a sense, was the only one that was in this really odd space.

Although we set ourselves that objective, I think if you had asked me in 1994 did I think the Sun would back us in 1997, I would probably have said no.

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