Juventus manager investigated, Lazio captain arrested in new match-fixing scandal

Juventus manager Antonio Conte celebrates after winning the club's 28th Italian Serie A title two weeks ago. Credit: REUTERS/STRINGER

Italian police investigating a football match-fixing scandal have placed Juventus manager Antonio Conte under investigation and arrested the Lazio captain Stefano Mauri and former Genoa midfielder Omar Milanetto, authorities said this morning.

A police statement said five people had also been arrested in Hungary on suspicion of being part of an illegal international betting ring headed by Singaporean gambling identity Tan Seet Eng, who was arrested in December.

Police in the northern city of Cremona said they had made 19 arrests and were investigating Conte, fresh from his triumph in leading Juventus to the Italian Serie A championship for the first time since the club was relegated in 2006 in an earlier match-fixing scandal.