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Protest disrupts Blair evidence

An investigation has been ordered after a protester burst into the Leveson Inquiry as Tony Blair was giving evidence and yelled "this man should be arrested for war crimes." David Lawley-Wakelin said it was "surprisingly easy" to get into the court.

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Protester blasted Blair on radio before breaking into Leveson Inquiry

The man arrested over bursting into the Leveson Inquiry to call Tony Blair a war criminal called a radio station just an hour and a half beforehand.

The man, who has told reporters his name is David Lawley-Wakelin, spoke on LBC 97.3 about his anger at the former Prime Minister and accused the British public of "turning a blind-eye."

Saying on air his name was Howard from Acton, he called Mr Blair a war criminal - the same angry claim he made in the Leveson Inquiry less than two hours later. It is an accusation the special envoy to the Middle East has strongly denied.

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