Police: Dog in toddler attack was 'legally owned'

Wiltshire Police have said that the owners of a dog that mauled a toddler in Swindon have not committed any offences in relation to the dog.

Two-year-old Keiron Guess suffered serious facial injuries after he was attacked in his neighbour's back garden around 6pm on Tuesday. He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

The boy's Grandfather has spoken to ITV Meridian of his anger

Keiron Guess Credit: Dave Guess

In the police statement, Chief Inspector Keith Ewart said: "The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 does not apply because the dog was on private premises at the time of the incident.

"In this case the animal was voluntarily surrendered to the police and was examined and found to be a Staffordshire bull terrier. It is not illegal to own a Staffordshire bull terrier. However the dog was destroyed with the full consent of the owner."

He also revealed that police attended the same address in September last year to determine whether the dogs were illegally bred.