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Murdoch 'pushed Blair over Iraq'

Rupert Murdoch was part of an "over-crude" attempt to push Tony Blair into action in Iraq, Alastair Campbell has claimed.

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Campbell: 'Hey Tony, you've got to go to war' overstates it

Alastair Campbell has told the BBC's Today programme that Tony Blair's views on Iraq were well known and that Rupert Murdoch did not influence them. He said:

I wasn't listening to the call but I do record Tony Blair's mild irritation and our feeling that this was just part of pressure ... I don't think there is a single person in the world who was not aware of what Tony Blair's view was on Iraq and how much his determination was to ensure that Saddam Hussein was dealt with ... I don't think you can say this was Rupert Murdoch saying 'hey Tony, you've got to go to war'. I think that really does overstate it.

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