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Global population obesity fear

Researchers claim rising levels of obesity around the world could have the same implications for world resources as an extra one billion people.

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How obesity could impact the weight of nations

Researchers predict that if all people had the same average body mass index as Americans, the total human biomass would increase by 58 million tonnes.

The data was collected from the UN and the World Health Organisation Credit: Reuters

Figures show that while the average global weight per person is 62kg in 2005, Britons weighed 75kg. In the US, the average adult weighed 81kg.

Across Europe, the average weight was 70.8kg compared to just 57.7kg in Asia.

More than half of people living in Europe are overweight (55.6%) compared to only 24.2% of Asian people. Almost three-quarters of people living in north America were overweight.

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