Ecuador 'does not intend to interfere with UK or Sweden' over Assange

Anna Alban, the Ecuadorian ambassador, said she has conducted a "cordial and constructive" meeting with representatives of the British government over Julian Assange's application for diplomatic sanctuary and political asylum:

I welcome the statement from the UK Government last night in which they stated that they (the UK Government) would work with the Ecuadorian government to find a resolution.

I also took the opportunity to explain that the decision on Mr Assange's application would be assessed by the department of foreign affairs in Quito and would take into account Ecuador's long and well-established tradition in supporting human rights.

I also emphasised to the UK Government that it was not the intention of the Ecuadorian government to interfere with the processes of either the UK or Swedish governments.

I have made clear that I will make myself available to meet with the UK Government's representatives at any time so that we can find a just and fair solution to this situation.