Platini praised goal-line officials on eve of England game

Uefa president Michel Platini praised the effectiveness of goal-line officials on the eve of the England v Ukraine game, where the host nation were controversially not given a goal despite the ball having crossed the line.

Uefa president Michel Platini made the bold claims on the eve of the England v Ukraine match. Credit: Stephen Pond/EMPICS Sport

He told reporters in Warsaw: "With five, officials see everything. They don't take decisions without being fully aware. There's also a uniformity of refereeing. For example, they don't call unintentional handballs. That uniformity has led to more flowing football."

Platini added: "Goal-line technology isn't a problem. The problem is the arrival of technology because, after, you'll need technology for deciding handballs and then for offside decisions and so on. It'll be like that forever and ever. It'll never stop. That's the problem I have."