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Hester gives up RBS bonus

Stephen Hester, the boss of Royal Bank of Scotland, has said he will not take his bonus this year after IT problems left thousands of customers struggling

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RBS: Ulster Bank customers face more delays

RBS has said that whilst the "vast majority" of NatWest and RBS accounts have been updated and are back to normal, a small number of transactions remain unprocessed. Ulster Bank customers may face delays for the rest of the week, however.

A statement from the company reads:

Progress towards a completely normal service is likely to be affected by the significant stress on the system over recent days. The Group has already announced that the significant problems facing Ulster Bank are likely to continue for the remainder of this week, however the solution applied in NatWest and RBS has been successfully applied to Ulster Bank overnight, increasing our confidence that we will restore a full service by Monday.

– rbs statement

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